Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week 1: Kansas City Chiefs

The Battle to Decide Our Times

        We are only 4 days away from the start of the Bills season.  To celebrate the return of the Bills, Bleacher Bar along with the Bills Backers of Fenway are throwing a "WNY/BILLS BBQ" celebration.  We have toiled this entire summer calling Buffalo area businesses and procuring as much WNY centric fare as possible.  When all is said and done, we received support from the following businesses: Anchor Bar, Bison Dip, Sahlens Hot Dogs, Redlinski Meats,, Rooties Blue Cheese, Webers Mustard, and Franks Red Hot.  For the low WNY price of $10, you can plunder all of the below WNY favorites from 11:45 am till someone's cholesterol breaks 400.  (All normal drink specials remain in place - 6 Blues/Lights for $20 or 6 Genny Lights for $15)

Chicken Wings with Anchor Bar Sauce
Sahlens Hot Dogs
Beef on Weck
Bison Dip w/Veggies & Chips
Buffalo Chicken Salad
MAKE YOUR OWN GARBAGE PLATE  (Bleacher Bar's chefs have gone through a 3 month course to perfect Nick Tahou's storied recipe)

        Since moving to Boston and watching almost every Bills game at a bar, I have noticed that the following factors contribute heavily to the game day crowd.  
1.)  Are the Bills on local TV? (A: No- Baltimore vs Pitt is on local TV)
2.)  Is it early in the season? (A: Yes- it is the first game of the season)
3.)  Is Dave Frascogna at the bar and crowning through his sweatpants? (A: No- he is in Luxembourg, YES-  he is crowning through sweatpants)

        For this Sunday all of the factors are pointing to a huge crowd, except for (sadly) - Dave Frascogna (Board Member and Director of talking to attractive girls) will not be joining us as he accepted an offer to work in Luxembourg for the next few years.  Despite Dave's absence we are expecting a massive crowd for this Sunday's game.  I strongly encourage you to arrive as early as possible to secure the best viewing spots, get first dibs on the food and get going on some Labatt  buckets.  

Could not be happier about the announcing crew.  Any booth crew that can list "convicted of sodomy" on their resume is ok with me.  

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Favorite Day:  This Sunday
Favorite Person I Meet This Sunday:  You
Least Favorite Sports Writer:  Bill Simmons  (He is a pompous a-hole who should be thrown over Niagara Falls as we all watch and laugh)
Favorite Fantasy Murder That Involves Waterfalls, Mob Mentality and Laughter:  See above