Friday, November 19, 2010

Week 11: Cincinatti Bengals

Victory, Celebration, Nuvo

        The Bills did not make it easy.  They took the long road, deciding against a victory in the first 8 weeks, opting to put up that first W in week 9 instead.  The crowd this past Sunday was one of the largest we have had and many of us stayed for hours after the game ended just to bask in that winning feeling.  If you are starting to lose that feeling of victory, here are a few more victories to get it back:

"Medium Per Capita Income"  (Buffalo: $14,991 - Detroit: $14,717)
"Average Annual Snowfall"  (Buffalo:  95.4 inches - Detroit:  43.3 inches)
"Narrow advantage in the percentage of fires started in vacant buildings" (Buffalo:  41% - Detroit: 42%.. real statistic!)
"Host city Pan-American Exposition - 1901"   (Buffalo:  Host City - Detroit:  Not Host City)

        Speaking of the "Pan-American Exposition of 1901" (Worlds Fair), I came across some photos of the Exposition while surfing the web for WNY related information.  I thought the below pictures might interest a small percentage of you.  This entire complex was torn down shortly after the event- in hindsight, a great idea...

        For those of you wondering what was that shot you took to celebrate the Bills first victory in 2010 this past Sunday- it was "Nuvo."  Nothing quite embodies the spirit of the Buffalo Bills and Western New York quite like a the world's only French sparkling vodka infused with wine and natural fruit ingredients:
This Week at Bleacher Bar

Halftime Entertainment TBD - Someone is winning $50 - intimate knowledge of Chyna not required this week.
Tailgate Specials:  11 am to 1 pm - 1/2 priced Beef on Weck, $1 Sliders
Free Wings at Kickoff and Halftime
First 4 people to arrive wearing Bills gear get a free 22 oz mug of beer compliments of the Bills Backers of Fenway.
Buckets of Labatt Blue and Genny Cream Ale:  (6 for $20 & 6 for $15)
Buy low, sell high- join the "Back to Buffalo" movement.  Direct roundtrip Jetblue flights are less then $150.   Bills tickets are selling under $40.  Flights to Buffalo - anytime Saturday - Flight back:  Jetblue 6:22 pm 12/12.  Bills Tickets: Section 117.  Tailgate spot:  TBD.

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