Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week 2: Green Bay Packers

          I made it a point a long time ago that when it comes to The Buffalo Bills, I will avoid negativity at all cost.  That philosophy was challenged this past Sunday- but only for a second.  When my thoughts swam for the shore, ending their brief stint in the Sea of Doubt, my faith was restored.  
  • We scored 10 magical points (more than the Vikings, Falcons, 49ers, Cowboys & Jets)
  • We held our opponent to 13 offensive points (6th best in the league)
  • .................. and I am back in the Sea of Doubt

Sea of Doubt dragging us in, as portrayed in 1987's "Creep Show 2"


          This Sunday there is a Red Sox home game at 1:35.   BLEACHER BAR WILL STILL HAVE THE BILLS GAME ON WITH AUDIO!  All specials will be the same as last week. The bar will be opening up early at 10 am-- get there early and intimidate Red Sox fans away with our perfect blend of Midwest friendliness and East Coast Edge.  In all honesty, do not fear the crowds-- Sunday day games do not yield big bar crowds.
  • The Bills game is NOT on local TV.
  • $50 Gift Card to Bleacher bar will be awarded to the "best dressed Bills fan."
  • Please join the Bills Backers of Fenway facebook group to see pictures from each Sunday.
  • Be cordial to Red Sox/Patriots fans-- they know not what they do.

          Carl is out of town and myself & Nicole will be at the game in Green Bay-- if you have any questions or concerns now, or on Sunday, please contact Dave Frascogna or Justin Davies-- pictured below:

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