Friday, December 17, 2010

Week 15: Miami Dolphins

Back from Back to Buffalo

        Hello - It is with a great happiness that I write to you today.    As many of you  may know,  I joined members of the Bills Backers of Fenway for a trip back to Buffalo this past weekend.    This trip has left me  riding a wave of WNY driven emotion that few outsiders can grasp.    This emotional high is fueled by a number of factors:

1.)  Beer prices range:  $1.28 - $2.75
2.)  No traffic
3.)  Hugging strangers and them hugging back
4.)  Shaking hands with forearm touch, high arm touch, back touch and top of hand touch to let them know - "I get you" - "I am from here too".
5.)  Bills touchdown followed by  "Shout" song - followed by Kevin Rudolf:  "Let it Rock" - followed by me shouting:  "Kevin Rudolf finally!" - followed by many people in section 117 laughing - followed by me beaming with happiness for 3 days straight.  
6.)  Ingesting 40,000 calories in 33 hours but losing 4 pounds.  
7.) Bills win - 6:22 flight back to Boston - asleep in my own bed by 8:30.  

This Week at Bleacher Bar

The Bills win - we all have fun.
Tailgate Specials:  11 am to 1 pm - 1/2 priced Beef on Weck, $1 Sliders
Free Wings at Kickoff and Halftime
First 4 people to arrive wearing Bills gear get a free 22 oz mug of beer compliments of the Bills Backers of Fenway.
Buckets of Labatt Blue and Genny Cream Ale:  (6 for $20 & 6 for $15)

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