Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Easter Miracle: Sabres Playoffs at Bleacher Bar

Watch the Sabres at Bleacher Bar in Boston!

As most of you know, the Sabres locked up the 7th playoff position by taking control of their own destiny and going 8 - 1 - 1 in their last 10 games.  As soon as the schedule was announced, I immediately turned my thoughts to putting together some playoff viewing parties.  I was a bit taken aback when I realized that only 1 of the Sabres 1st round games would be broadcast on local TV in the Boston area.  I started to get scared - based on previous searches of the area I knew that only bar with the NHL package in the Boston area would be inundated with Bruins fans this Thursday and not a viable option.  My fears were alleviated this morning when the hand of god manifested as the Bleacher Bar management - sent me this unsolicited email from Ryan Jones, General Manager of Bleacher Bar:

"Hey Dan, Just wanted to say congratulations on the Sabres clinching a playoff berth.   I know we talked a few times about hosting some Sabres playoff viewing parties this year.    I checked the local TV listing and saw that the only way we could do this is if we bought the NHL Center Ice package.    We have gone ahead a contacted Direct TV and purchased the full package.   I hope you can get a bunch of people to come out.    Thanks for yours and all the Bills Backers of Fenway support these last two years."
This goes to show just how much Bleacher Bar is committed to  our club.   All the Sabres first round games will be on at Bleacher Bar.   (Schedule below).    So come on out - grab a Labatt bottle - order a Beef on Weck - and join your fellow WNYers at Bleacher Bar for all the Sabres playoff games.  

Sabres 1st Round Schedule
Thursday April 14th:   7:30 
Saturday April 16th - Sabres @ 5:00
Monday April 18th - Sabres @ 7:00 
Wednesday April 20th - Sabres @7:30
Firday April 22nd - Sabres at 7:30

***Remember, Bills draft party April 28th at 8 pm!***   
Beer Specials - Beef on Weck - Bison Dip - WNY related competitions.

Favorite Draft Pick:   Von Miller
Least Favorite Draft Pick:  Cam Newton
Least Favorite Animal That Made a Home In My Car's Engine:   Rats
Favorite Former Energy Product Now Used to Clean My Keyboard:   Compressed Gas
Least Favorite Overused Office Term:   "Low Hanging Fruit"
Favorite "Kill" That I Cross Once on I90 and Again on I88:   Norman's Kill

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