Friday, April 15, 2011

Watch the Sabres Playoffs in Boston!

Scorpions -  "Winds of Change":   Soundtrack to the New Buffalo Experience
*If you are looking for information on Sabres games and not a detailed account of my morning commute please scroll down.*

        This morning felt different and even my Ipod understood.  The first half of my morning routine was above average.   The Sabres won.  I had a great ironing session.  The sun was out.  A Golden Retriever seeing eye dog may have smiled at me.  My heart was warm.  Little did I know this was just the beginning and my morning commute was about to get downright spiritual.  
        As my train passed Hynes Convention Center my Ipod sent its first volley:   Goo Goo Dolls:  Slide.  I was startled and questions sprang to mind.  Is this a fluke?  Does it know the Goo Goo Dolls are from Buffalo?  Does it remember that it was purchased at Best Buy in Big Flats? Is it a hockey fan?  Has it remained loyal to WNY despite spending most of its life in Boston?  
        As my train closed in on Park Street and the chorus of "Why don't you slide" began to fade out my Ipod gave a firm answer:  Scorpions: Winds of Change.  With my mind already focused on Buffalo this ballad took on a whole new meaning.  Lyrics and internal monologue below:

The world closing in   (Internal Monologue - Bruins / Patriots fans all around)
Did you ever think     (IM - Think what?!  I hope an answer comes soon.)
That we could be so close,like brothers  (IM - Well  maybe brothers is a bit strong - amicable acquittances who share more high fives then conversation?  Sure.)
The future's in the air  (IM - YES IT IS!  No longer will 1 goal leads scare me! No longer do I expect failure!  Ooh ooh ooh Fitzmagic <- Diagnosed with ADD at 10)
I can feel it everywhere  (IM - I wonder if all these people in Park Street realize the level my false sense of superiority is at right now?)
Blowing with the wind of change (IM - Oh yeah - blow me you Winds of Change!  *People on train react to grown man letting a giggle slip*)

Take me to the magic of the moment    (IM - No need to take me,  Danny be already there)
On a glory night     (IM - Last night and every Buffalo game night from this point on)
Where the children of tomorrow dream away   (Children of WNY it is ok to dream again)
In the wind of change  (Honestly who stands in place on an escalator holding hands?  This would never happen in Corning.)


Saturday April 16th at 5 pm is next Sabres game.  Bleacher Bar will be showing the game.  Please note that the Red Sox have a home game at 1:10 pm. If you want to guarantee yourself a spot please try and arrive early as the Sox game will get out at about the same time the Sabres Game starts.  Note this game is NOT on local TV.

Monday April 18th at 7 pm is Game 3. Note this is Marathon Monday and there is a Red Sox game at 11:00 am.  This game WILL be on local TV but we encourage you to watch the game with us at Bleacher Bar.

Wednesday April 20th at 7pm, is Game 4.  Game is NOT on local television and the Red Sox are out of town.     Get ready for a big Wednesday.

Favorite Best Buy Store:   Big Flats - Consumer Square
Least Favorite Green Line Stop:   Boylston - Honestly it is like 30 feet from Park Street.
Least Favorite Pizza that people in Boston Believe In:   Pizzeria Regina
Least Favorite Couple who stands in place on the escalator holding hands:   Guy in black coat - girl in Northface Fleece - just because you are in a serious relationship does not mean you have to give up.

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