Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome back!

WHAT ONCE WAS LOST ... Lackluster attempt at humor - KICK OFF PARTY - WNY / BILLS BBQ 9/11/2011 - Bills Backers of Fenway Fantasy Football League

        Welcome back friends to another Bills season. Is anyone else strangely confident about the Bills in 2011? Do you find yourself looking through the schedule and muttering to yourself, "You know what? I think I can really see 14 to 15 wins here." Do you often zone out of consciences and suddenly realize you are about to book a 1-way flight to Buffalo with the credit card number 1304-DIE-BOSTON-DIE? Have you started to notice people wearing Bills colors? Have you chased down these people with a childlike enthusiasm thinking you have found a new friend? Have you learned the harsh reality that red, white and blue are very popular colors and people wearing them are not automatically Bills fans? Furthermore they do not want to be your friend?
        Soon you will be back amongst your own people. People who understand sarcasm. People who know when it is quicker to cut through Canada. People who know what it means to "turn into a skid." People who BILLIEVE.  

*** If you know of anyone who wants to be added to this email chain please let me know.   If you want to be taken off .... I would suggest changing your email ***


        Alright, with my increasingly hackneyed attempts of humor out of way, let's get to the meat of it (that's right - a pun). The Bills first game is 9/11/2011 and Bleacher Bar is pulling out all the stops to kick off the season right. Starting at 12 noon, Bleacher Bar is going to fire up the grill on the outdoor patio and cook up a bunch of WNY's favorite. The Bills Backers of Fenway in conjunction with Bleacher Bar are working on shipping in Bison Dip, Sahlens Hot Dogs, Rootie's Blue Cheese & Weber's Mustard (a few surprises as well).            
        Now you may ask, "Wait a second Dan, I see you got food, but what if I get thirsty and need to drink 20 beers?" Not to worry- the event will feature a strong presence from a traditional WNY brew with a crisp and refreshing finish (read: Labatt products). We will also be changing up our "blue collar special" and offer buckets of Genny Light (6 for $15).  
        We are still hammering out the pricing - complete menu - sponsorships - giveaways and events but regardless, if you show up you are guaranteed to have a good time while watching the Bills crank out their first of many wins. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.  

Favorite Island for sale in Lake Erie: Middle Sister Island
Favorite Bluff perfectly suited for a golf course and post apocalyptic WNY utopia: Yates County Bluff Point  (Keuka Lake)
Least Favorite Recorded Announcement on the T:  "NO SMOKING - please!" I feel like it is yelling at me even though it is a recording and I do not smoke.
Least Favorite Canadian Province: Prince Edward Island. My mother read me "Anne of Green Gables" as a child - I will never forgive her. 

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