Wednesday, August 31, 2011

10.5 Days to go...

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        Hello all - As of this email we are 10 1/2 days away from the start of the Bills season. Before every season the board of the Bills Backers of Fenway meets with the management of Bleacher Bar to try and fine tune the Sunday Bills game experience. This season we have expanded our food specials, updated our beer specials and added to our apparel options. Below you will find details of everything included in the 2011 Bills Backers of Fenway Sunday Experience.

        New this year to Bleacher Bar's Bills Sunday menu: Bison Dip, Sahlens Hot Dogs, Garbage Plates & Buffalo Chicken Salad. Now I know what you are saying:  "Dan, that is good and all, but how am I going to eat these foods without the proper Buffalo based condiments?" Don't you fret, friend- we have you covered.   Using the aptly titled website "," we have ordered in Weber's Mustard, Rooties Blue Cheese, Franks Red Hot & Anchor Bar Wing Sauce to satisfy all of your saucy needs. We have also added to the pre-game specials as well:

Hour before kick off:
1/2 priced Beef on Weck
1/2 priced Sliders
1/2 priced Buffalo Chicken Salad


        Now, as the TV show "Joey" taught us, change is not always a good thing. Based on the amount of phone numbers exchanged, failed relationships and mid afternoon make out sessions I witnessed last year, I am confident the beer specials were well received.    The only change we are making in 2011 is that we have slightly tweaked our "Blue Collar Bucket Special."

White Collar  Special:  Labatt Blue / Light Buckets - 6 bottles for $20
Blue Collar  Special:  Genny Light - 6 cans for $15
APPAREL (T-Shirts & Sweatshirts)
        Each year we try and expand on the previous years clothing options. Over the first two seasons we received mixed reviews on the fabric used for the T-shirts.  Some people loved it - others wanted a bit more weight to the fabric. In order to accommodate as many of you as possible we ordered each T-shirt design in two different fabrics. 1/2 of the shirts will use a fabric similar to last year while the other 1/2 will use a more traditional cotton blend. This year we will offer 2 different T-shirt designs and 1 hooded sweatshirt. Both T-Shirt designs will be available in both fabric options. (Pics below- some of the images are blurry but trust me in person they will trigger tears of joy.)

**Special thanks to club member Justin Cook and his brother for designing "T-Shirt #1"

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Least Favorite Late Night Diner Ownership Change:   Denny's takeover of WNY's Perkins
Favorite Hollywood Casting Decision:   Did you know that Dustin Hoffman was originally supposed to play "Rambo"?  Can you imagine "The Graduate" fashioning a wooden spike sling trap into another man's groin?  
Least Favorite Movie to combine age driven dementia and fishing for Lake Trout:   On Golden Pond
Favorite question about Sharks:    Do you think Hammerhead Sharks get along with other Sharks?  Or are they the type of shark that young female sharks bring home to make their father angry?

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