Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week 7: Baltimore Ravens

11 and 5 - I see you & I hear you.
        This past week the Buffalo Bills had a "players only meeting."  In my mind, this players meeting was the most intense and inspirational event to happen in Buffalo since the invention of Lucky Charms (made in Buffalo).  I picture Lee Evans standing on a chair, wagging his finger in the faces of his teammates as he screams:

        "We owe it to the people of WNY to turn this season around! These people get 120 inches of snow a year. They have lost population and industry every year since 1976.  They have the lowest median income of any NFL market, but still manage to sell out one of the largest stadiums.  They gather in bars across the country, punishing themselves with cold Labatt Blue and warm shots of Crown Royal.  They are a people of little hope.  We can change that!  We can go out and turn this season around! We will not only save our football team but also the soul of an entire region."    
        At the conclusion of this speech, the locker room is in emotional chaos- grown men are crying, on their knees begging God for forgiveness.  They kill goats as sacrificial penance and brand each other with the phrase: "One region, one team, one moment."  They bust out of the locker room filled with purpose and promise.  They stop at every home they pass and ask forgiveness.  They......... it is usually around this point I realize that my co-workers have begun to notice I have been staring out the window of my office for 10 minutes, mouthing phrases like "soul of an entire region."

This Week at Bleacher Bar
  • WNY/Bills Pictionary - Teams of 4 - Winner gets $50 gift card to Bleacher Bar.  (Please contact me if you are interested we may have to limit # of teams)
  • Tailgate Specials:  11 am to 1 pm - 1/2 priced Beef on Weck, $1 Sliders
  • Free Wings at Kickoff and Halftime
  • First 4 people to arrive wearing Bills gear get a free 22 oz mug of beer compliments of the Bills Backers of Fenway.
  • Buckets of Labatt Blue and Genny Cream Ale:  (6 for $20 & 6 for $15)
  • We say goodbye to Carl and Maria Osterlof.  These founders of the Bills Backers of Fenway are moving in 10 days for California; this Sunday is their final game at Bleacher Bar.

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