Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week 8: Kansas City Chiefs

Exodus from Failure's Land

       At the conclusion of last Sunday’s game I was awash with hope.  Yes we lost in typical Bills fashion, but in this loss we survived the 10th and final plague: “Death of a first round draft pick.” (Sorry Aaron Maybin)   With all the “plagues of failure” complete, we are free to cast off the chains of bondage and travel back to our homeland: Success.
       No longer will we fumble kickoff returns that only require us to maintain possession to ensure victory.  No longer will the refs watch our players levitate for 15 minutes before calling a fumble in overtime.  No longer will playing on Monday night require that we lead for the entire game only to lose by one point in the final seconds.  No longer my friends, we are now free.
       This Sunday you will wake up zapped of your motivation.  Your Saturday night Halloween party will get out of hand.  You will be up later than you thought.  You will drink more than you anticipated.  However, YOU WILL NOT allow these factors to decrease your loyalty to your region and your team.  Prophet Fitzpatrick's arms will not stay raised forever and when the waves come crashing down and the sea restored – on which side of the water will you stand?

       Salvation thy name is Bleacher Bar.

Pictured Below:
1.) Artist rendering of a young Ryan Fitzpatrick being discovered in the reeds of the Niagara River.
2.) Fitzpatrick presents the Two Commandments:  Love thy Region & Love thy Bills.
3.) Fitzpatrick blazes a trail to salvation.

**TV Coverage Map (the game is not on local TV): Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker- I like you... a lot.**

This Week at Bleacher Bar
  • Salvation for all Buffalo's children.
  • Tailgate Specials:  11 am to 1 pm - 1/2 priced Beef on Weck, $1 Sliders
  • Free Wings at Kickoff and Halftime
  • First 4 people to arrive wearing Bills gear get a free 22 oz mug of beer compliments of the Bills Backers of Fenway.
  • Buckets of Labatt Blue and Genny Cream Ale: (6 for $20 & 6 for $15)

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