Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 3: New England Patriots

        First, I would like to thank all who braved the Red Sox crowd and came down to Bleacher Bar this past Sunday.  I heard many of you still managed to have a good time despite our dismal performance.  I am sure glad I took off two days from work, bought two plane tickets to Milwaukee (The Good Land), rented a car, booked two nights at a hotel, got tickets to the game... only to spend Sunday night in a familiar Bills-driven depression.
        The silver lining to the trip was that I have never met a nicer group of people than Green Bay Packers fans.  At points during the game they were genuinely apologizing for their team beating the Bills.  "If only both teams could win," an older lady in a Green Bay Packers bonnet said to me.  If only... if only... we... won...  anything.
        So here we are, 0-2, and coming into the lair of the evil New England Patriots.  Our co-workers are mocking us, "How's it going to feel when the Patriots take out all their anger from the Jets loss on the Bills?"  We respond, "Well, I don't know, co-worker- how is it going to feel when you die young and alone?" (**)
        After having a 3-part terrible experience last year at Gillette: 1) Losing in the worst fashion ever, 2) getting a beer thrown on me by a 40 year old woman, and 3) sitting alone on a tree stump, choking back tears in a small patch of forest, I decided I am never going back to Foxboro.  Instead, I am going to watch the game from the friendly confines of Bleacher Bar; my hope is that many of you will join me.  
       In all honesty, I have a good feeling about this game.  If we beat the Patriots, everything is different.   Imagine a Monday morning where the Patriots just lost two straight division games and we can hold our heads high as Bills fans.  Ryan Fitzpatrick: you hold our work week experience in your hands.  
       As always Bleacher Bar will be offering buckets of Labatt Blue / Genny Cream Ale for $20 / $15.    From 11am to 1 pm - Tailgate Specials: 1/2 priced Beef on Weck and $1 Sliders.   FREE WINGS   After the BYE week we will begin upstate themed gaming during halftime.
      The Game is on local TV, but who cares?  Come to Bleacher Bar anyway.  Nothing is more depressing than watching the Bills alone.

**Fact: all Patriots fans die young and alone.

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