Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 4: NY Jets

An Encouraging 0 and 3

        Yet again we endure another work week surrounded by the gloating, ugly, "oh my god I watched THE TOWN and now I am tough" faces of Patriots fans.  We hear things like: "I mean, if the Bills can put 30 points up on the Patriots then we have no chance of making the playoffs," or, "You do not need a good defense when your offense can score at will," or my personal favorite, "Well, if you really think about it, the Bills only scored 16 points, because 7 were the result of a Patriots fumble and another 7 points were the result of a CJ Spiller kick return."  
        You are absolutely right, Patriots nation, I do not know what the Bills were thinking writing down "30" on their scorecard.  We should probably call the NFL and have them put an * next to the score or have them change it all together so the rest of the world will realize just how badly you beat us.  Losers.
        But, you know what? Despite losing this past Sunday, I left the bar with a bounce in my step similar to the first time I heard Lady Gaga's breakout hit "Just Dance."  WE SCORED 30 POINTS!  We played the shout song 4 times!  A Bleacher Bar record.  Fredonia's children took down a full bottle of Crown Royal.  All-in-all, last Sunday was a good day. 
        Now, this Sunday has all the makings to be another top notch experience.  The Bills play the snack-driven New York Jets, led by their snack filled-coach, Rex Ryan.  This is a classic trap game for the Jets and the Bills are going to take advantage.    
        This Sunday is the final Red Sox game of the year against the New York Yankees.  Bleacher Bar will still have the audio on for the Bills game and all the specials you have grown to love.  Please have patience, the bar will be crowded around 1 pm but as soon as the baseball game starts, the place will clear out and once again you will find yourself surrounded by the friendly faces of your fellow Bills Backers.
*** Mark your calendars: next Sunday (October 10th) is the 1 year anniversary of the Bills Backers of Fenway and we are throwing a party starting at 12 pm Sunday.   Bleacher Bar will be putting together a pretty nice Upstate NY-themed spread.  If you do not come, you betray your region... stay loyal.

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